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13 Healthy Snacks For Kids


vegtable_sticksIt’s so easy to stock up on junk food like crisps and biscuits to satisfy hungry little tummies. But did you know that you can make snack time really healthy too? Sticking to whole foods, limiting sugary treats and steering clear of processed food (when you can) are essential tips when it comes to creating healthy options for your kids. Here are some other ideas for healthy snacks for kids:
1. Have a cooler box in the car full of yummy treats like fruits, nuts and even drinking yogurt. That way, when your kids are hungry and you’re on the go, you have something healthy for them to eat
2. Dips like hummus or nut butters are a great way to introduce a vegetable snack time and kids love to dip their food like grown ups do
3. Pre-make soup and freeze in single portion containers. You can reheat anytime as a nutritious, in-between-meal option
4. If you change the way you think about snacks, it’s easier to keep things healthy. Prepare mini-meals instead of packing junk food snacks
5. Ditch the crisps and opt for popcorn

marshmallows_sticks6. Lower sugar intake by offering your kids fresh water or a fruit smoothie instead of fizzy drinks, or frozen yogurt instead of ice cream
7. Cheese is packed with protein and keeps little tummies full until dinnertime. Mix and match squares of cheese with fruit for fun, bitesized skewers
8. Baking a batch of muffins on a Sunday will keep your kids happy all week long. Plus, you can discreetly pack the muffins with lots of healthy fruit, grated carrot, beetroot, cauliflower or even broccoli and you can freeze them too
9. Low fat and fat free foods are very processed and can still contain lots of calories. Stick with whole foods and homemade options
10. Make fresh fruit and vegetables easily accessible to your kids. Keep a fruit bowl out and cut up veggies for ready-to-eat options that they can help themselves to
11. Whole grain bread is a healthy choice. Use a cookie cutter to cut the bread into exciting shapes for fun, bite-sized sandwich treats
12. Try not to keep energy-rich, but nutrient-poor snacks in the house. Rather call them ‘sometimes’ snacks that you go out and buy on special occasions
13. Create a snacking zone away from the TV to stop mindless eating habits from forming


Planning and perseverance

All it takes is a little preparation and you’re on your way to healthier snack
options. It may take some time to start your routine, but the long-term benefits
are healthy, happy kids with healthy, happy eating habits