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3 Winter Indoor Games For Kids To Keep Them Active

South Africans tend to be sun babies, always counting the days until summer and spending as much time as possible outdoors. But when winter comes, a lot of us tend to get a bit lazy, opting to stay indoors on the couch. For children, this can prove to be a very trying time as they require a lot of stimulation and have a lot of steam to burn off, so the couch won’t cut it! Here are 3 winter indoor games for kids.

1. Get Outdoors

This might sound like the last thing you want to do, but it’s probably the best thing for you and your kids. Just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean you can’t brave the outdoors! Bundle yourselves up, put your beanies and scarves on and get outside for some fresh, crisp winter air and physical activity. Go for a walk in your local park, take the dogs for a run around the block, or play a game of bat and ball in your garden. You’ll soon be so warm that the cold won’t be a factor and you’ll be burning off some energy at the same time.

2. Create An Obstacle Course Challenge

This can be done inside or outside. If you’re outside, just remember to dress warmly with lots of layers, as suggested in the above point. Set up an obstacle course with any number of items that can be used for different purposes. Chairs can be climbed over; pillows, buckets or beacons can become points to run around. If you’re outside, you can tie pieces of string at various heights to crawl under or jump over. The options are endless. Create a route and then set the timer and see how long each person takes to complete it. Set personal goals for each competitor to improve their personal best.

3. Make Your Own Dance Show

You’ll have to clear out some space in one of your rooms, or if it’s a mild day you can take it outside. Get a few essential props such as clothing, headdresses, and most importantly, some really catchy tunes! Get each person in the family to make up their own dance routine to a piece of music and put on a show! You could even invite friends and family around to make a full event out of it… get them to participate too? If you don’t get a good workout from the dancing, the laughing should do the trick!