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5 Fun Activities For Kids And The Family

Find fun ways to keep fit as a family

Finding time to bond with your kids when you have a demanding career and after-hours admin can be tricky, but incorporating bonding time into your fitness regime is a great way to spend time with your family and encourage your kids to embrace healthy lifestyles. Healthy activities for kids and the family help to keep each family member buoyant, laying the groundwork for a happy home.

family riding bicycles
Fun family activities that benefit your kids’ health

Here are outdoorsy, healthy activities to enjoy with your family: Swimming together
Many kids love to be in water, and swimming is one of the best forms of exercise since there is no impact on joints. Each family member can swim in the style that they’re most comfortable with, so everybody gets to do what they want. Swimming for just an hour can burn off excess energy while also helping to build muscle tone and a healthy cardiovascular system.

Cycling together
The increase in bike-only road infrastructure makes family cycling safer. Even if your children are very young still, if you are a seasoned cycler you can have them ride along with you in a special bike attachment. Cycling is good for your kids’ health, since it burns fat quickly. Just make sure that you provide your kids with protective gear including shin pads and helmets.

Orienteering together
Orienteering, which involves finding your way with a map and/or a compass, is a great adventure activity that the whole family can enjoy. Take your family on an introductory course and have fun in the outdoors hunting for treasure or finding your way to a particular landmark, while simultaneously getting a healthy dose of vitamin D.

Playing indoor family games
From squash to badminton and bowling, there are many sporty games that you can enjoy indoors. It’s better to leave the more frenetic games (such as squash) for older kids, but it’s never too early to start basic, gentle training.

Going on adventurous family holidays
A vacation is the perfect opportunity to spend quality family time. Take time off over the busy holiday period and visit a destination where you and your family can enjoy pedal boats and water sports or other exhilarating outdoor healthy family activities.