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A Birthday Party Sports Theme For Kids

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Many a parent has experienced the fallout of candy-filled children’s birthday parties, from children with tummy complaints to extreme hyperactivity. An action-packed  Birthday Party Sports Theme combines fun and exercise for kids.

Active birthday parties that make fun, exercise-filled games the focus (rather than non-nutritious treats) provide a great alternative way to celebrate. Whether a party has a sports theme, involves plenty of active games or is held at an outdoor venue, active kids won’t miss the sweets and cake when they’re deeply engrossed in healthy play.

Choosing a sports theme

Sports-themed birthday parties are perfect for kids who love cricket, soccer and other popular games. Children who are sports fanatics will enjoy decorations that match the colours of favourite sports team or call to mind a specific sport.

You might combine multiple sports in your theme, so that there is something that caters to the interest of every child. If you don’t have a large outdoor space available for a party, many games can be adapted creatively for playing indoors. You could also hire a coaching professional to show partygoers cool techniques, tips and tricks.

Active games for active kids

If your child has already set her or his heart on a chosen theme, there are still all kinds of ways you can incorporate exercise for kids without having a specifically sports-related theme. Many active games can be tweaked to suit the event. For example, if your child loves horses you could incorporate this into a relay race (players could pair up as horse and rider, or you could make lanes for the racers using hay bales).

Letting outdoor venues do the hard work

If you like the idea of active birthday parties but you feel daunted by the amount of admin involved, there are many fun outdoor venues that host parties, although this option might cost more than hosting one yourself. The advantages are that there’ll be less planning involved, and you won’t have to rent out additional equipment.

Does your child love competitive games? Miniature golf and bowling are good options (though bowling is only suitable for older kids given the weight of the balls). Other outdoor activities such as horseback riding, paintball (for older kids) and theme park visits are all great adventure activities that combine fun and exercise for kids.