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Are powdered drinks for growing children worth the price?

Yes. There is a general misconception that powdered drinks for growing children are more expensive than fresh milk. However, if you do a daily price comparison, NESTLÉ® NIDO® 3+ works out to offer more value for money and has added supporting nutrients.

The recommended retail price of a NESTLÉ® NIDO® 3+ 1.8 kg tin is R255.99 (price as of September 2020).

Make sure your growing 3 – 5 year old gets the recommended daily consumption (two cups a day) with
It is a source of vitamins A, C, D, E and minerals, so they can confidently explore the world around them.

Important Notice: A well-balanced diet, both during pregnancy and after delivery, helps sustain an adequate supply of breastmilk. Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended during the first six months of life followed by the introduction of adequate nutritious complementary foods, along with sustained breastfeeding up to two years of age and beyond. NESTLÉ® NIDO® 3+ is not a breastmilk substitute. As babies grow at different rates, seek advice from your healthcare professional on the appropriate time when your baby should start receiving this product.