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Best Start To The Day – Breakfast Ideas

A moment that is both exciting and sad at the same time: the first time your child goes to nursery. You want to give your child the best to help him or her on the way to becoming an independent young person. This is also the case when it comes to eating and drinking. Both are fundamental for healthy development. What works is when things taste good and at the same time contribute to keeping your child fit and healthy. Here are some breakfast ideas:

Breakfast Ideas: refuelling for the day ahead

Having breakfast enables us to stock up on the energy and liquid that we have lost during the night. A healthy, balanced breakfast is made up of four components.

  • Cereals in the form of bread, breakfast cereals, or porridge – The carbohydrates and fibre these deliver provide several hours of stored energy. Cereals also include vitamins and minerals. Opt for wholegrain products.
  • Fruit or raw vegetables – These supplement the cereal and contain important vitamins, minerals, fibre and phytonutrients.
  • Milk and dairy products: “Nestlé BEBA Kleinkind-Milch”, for example, was adapted to the particular needs of young children by adding a greater amount of iron and a smaller amount of protein.
  • Drinks – Fruit juices, malted coffee substitute, or herbal and fruit teas are ideal for drinking in the morning at breakfast. Children who don’t drink very much quickly become tired, find it difficult to concentrate and, in the worst cases, suffer from headaches.


Refuelling: mid-morning snack

Playing makes you hungry, because all movement uses up energy. To stay fit, we need to provide our bodies with a regular supply of energy. In order not to miss out on vitamins, minerals and trace elements, make sure that your mid-morning snack is as healthy as possible. E.g., it could consist of yoghurt, fruit and raw vegetables, wholemeal bread, etc. Regardless of whether your child is used to eating a full or a light breakfast at home, a mid-morning snack should be a matter of course, especially for nursery-age children. Speak to the carers to ask what sort of mid-morning snack is provided by the nursery.

This makes a healthy breakfast fun for children

Children want to have fun and play, even when eating. Then healthy foods slip down much better. We have put together some tips for you to show how eating can be an experience for children.

  • Liven up sandwiches at nursery – with crunchy vegetables like cucumber, carrots or salad, and with fresh fruit like grapes, tangerines or strawberries.
  • Boxes within a box: give your child a large box with lots of little boxes inside it. Each little box can contain different snacks, e.g. pieces of apple, sliced carrot, a little piece of wholemeal bread, e.g. spread with “HERTA FINESSE”.
  • What if your child doesn’t like eating fruit? Try giving him or her a “NESTLÉ ALETE Früchtchen” or a “NESTLÉ ALETE Früchteriegel”.