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Early Childhood Development

Children are known for their natural curiosity. They want to see, smell, touch taste and hear everything. During early childhood development children gather knowledge. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to set the proper foundation to turn these actions into learning.

puzzle and alphabets on desk

Happy Environment

The amount of knowledge retained by a child is directly related to how they feel. A happy and comfortable environment, filled with engaging stimuli is the perfect place to start. Many parents tend to rely heavily on the latest gadgets and technology to help their child learn, but these often lead to too much stimulation, which ultimately leads to stress.

Happy Playing

Try not to overthink it though – teaching doesn’t have to be a solemn affair. Simply playing with your child can help to develop their mind. Talking and singing may even help teach your child the basics of language.

Happy Repeats

Children learn best through repetition and practice so make time to help them practice their acquired skills, like reading some of the same books again. If your child is ready, take it to the next level by increasing the difficulty; you may want to have books with slightly more words.

Happy Body

How your child feels inside is just as important as how they feel outside. His or her rapid growth and development relies on proper nutrition and a balanced diet, which is why food choice plays such an important role in supporting this. For example, milk can provide important nutrients such as calcium and protein. A healthy body means less sick days and more opportunity for learning and development.

With all these tips and tricks, it’s important to remember that a child will be at their optimum learning capacity when they are happy. That is why the joy of being around loved ones is essential to the learning experience. So ensure you have ample time to spend with your child and join in their growing and learning experiences.