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  • Prebiotics vs Probiotics (and then there are antibiotics)

        They sound the same, but when we compare prebiotics vs probiotics, also known as lactic acid-producing bacteria (LAB), we see them playing different roles in helping parents raise happy, healthy kids. The key is the balance between the good and the bad bacteria in the digestive tract. And then there are antibiotics – what role do they play? What you need to know about good and bad digestive

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    Toddler constipation, what to do

    Did you know? 80% of your child’s antibody-producing cells are located in the gut. Good gut health isn’t just about relieving constipation and treating diarrhoea, but it is also about boosting your child’s immune system.Little tummies can face a range of troubles. Here are some tips that can help. Step 1: Learn the signs of constipation in toddlers Stool is harder than usual Less than two bowel movements in a

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    Healthy Dessert options for kids

    Three Healthy Dessert Recipes For Happy Kids Kids love sweets. The trouble is, their favourite treats are full of sugar, and studies have shown that too much sugar can lead to weight gain, high blood pressure and even worse, diabetes. That doesn’t mean you have to skip dessert though. Here are three healthy Dessert options that will tickle your kids’ taste buds and soothe their sweet cravings. 1. Summer Smoothies

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    8 Habits For Healthy Kids

    Establishing healthy habits for kids early stands them in good stead for life. Follow these ten simple tips on healthy living for kids.

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    A Healthy Diet For Kids

    Fruit and vegetables don’t taste good – they could, however, eat pizza and pasta every day.

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    10 Signs of Good Health In Growing Kids

    It is easy to worry about child development, but knowing the signs of positive growth will put your mind at ease that you are raising healthy kids.