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Fussy Eaters

  • A healthy diet for kids

    Kids often adopt the same eating habits as their parents, so it’s important that you set a good example. Eat a balanced and varied diet and use the South African Food-Based Dietary Guidelines to assist in choosing foods. 1. Eat as a family Have at least one relaxed meal per day together with the whole family – this gives kids the opportunity to tell you about their day at the

  • Kids nutrition

    Brain Food For Kids – Tips for improving your child’s learning through diet

    Tips for improving your child’s learning through diet In his early years your child will go through periods of fast learning and development.  It is very important that you support him/her in their learning journey by providing the right nutrition that supports optimal brain function.  Good nutrition is one of the best ways you can improve your child’s attention span so that he can learn throughout the day. By giving

  • Girl not eating salad

    Feeding A Picky Eater

    Bulking up meals: Add shredded chicken, minced or deboned fish (can be pilchards) to the actual pap or gravy. This at least ensures that the little bit that the child has, is energy dense and rich in high quality protein.