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  • Early childhood development / Happy kids learn better

    With all these tips and tricks, it’s important to remember that a child will be at their optimum learning capacity when they are happy. That is why the joy of being around loved ones is essential to the learning experience. To ensure better brain development for children is easy: Just spend lots of time playing games with them and join in their growing and learning experiences. Children are known for

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    Iron Supplements For Kids

    Why Is Iron Essential For Healthy Development in Children? Is your child getting enough iron? Iron is an essential nutrient for your child’s development. Iron supplements for kids can be offered with carefully chosen healthy foods for children, so that it can complete its job of moving oxygen from the lungs to every cell of the body to ensure the immune system works effectively. When your child doesn’t have enough

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    Prebiotics Vs Probiotics Vs Antibiotics

    They sound the same, but when we compare Prebiotics Vs Probiotics Vs Antibiotics we see them playing different roles in helping parents raise happy, healthy kids. The key is microflora and the balance between good and bad bacteria in the digestive system. What You Need To Know About Good and Bad Gut Bacteria Did you know that not all bacteria is bad for you? In fact, the digestive tract contains

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    Early Childhood Development

    Discover how to provide your child with the right environment for optimum learning and brain development with these useful tips.

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    Getting kids active with sports

    Is your child a couch potato? This means that they often sit on the sofa watching television and love munching snacks and sweets.

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    The Importance Of Vitamin D For Kids

    Vitamin D deficiency can impact on everything from bone strength to psychological condition. Learn the benefits of Vitamin D for your children’s health.

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    The 10 healthy Eating habits for kids

    It’s easy to get caught up in simply getting a dinner on the table that everyone’s willing to eat – never mind all the worries about nutrition! Issues like: am I feeding them too much?

  • Nutritional deficiency

    Clinical Signs Of Malnutrition

    Clinical signs of nutritional deficiency

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    Emotional Development In Early Childhood

    Codependency can prevent your children from growing up as an emotionally healthy beings. Find out more about codependency and how you can help the situation.