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Medical Matters

  • Probiotics

    Probiotics and Essential Fatty Acids in Pregnancy

    Pregnancy Probiotics Falling pregnant is one of the most memorable moments in any woman’s life. This is often the first time we truly consider our health and especially our diet.  We are wired this way and it is for good reason. Our nutritional status before and during pregnancy largely influences the outcome of the pregnancy. If you are iron deficient when falling pregnant, it may affect the duration of your

  • sugar

    Sugar: Fact or Fiction Quiz

    Q: All sugars are bad A: FICTION: Not all sugars are created equal and therefore not all sugars are bad. The main role of food is to provide energy and nutrients for growth and development. To fulfil the increased need for energy and specific nutrients during the growing years of your little one, as well as to move progressively towards a more diversified diet, starchy foods like cereals, vegetables and

  • healthy apple salid

    Combat Childhood Obesity With Nutrition

    Combat Childhood Obesity With Smart Dietary Decisions Childhood obesity is a global issue that has many associated health risks, including diabetes and heart complications. The risk of childhood obesity can be reduced substantially by ensuring your child receives the proper nutrition. It All Starts At Home Healthy eating and attitudes towards food begin at home. Because childhood obesity can lead to serious medical conditions, it’s important to feed your children

  • girls with flowers

    Things You Should Know About Childhood Allergies

    The Top 6 Things You Should Know About Childhood Allergies What is an allergy? How do you identify it? What do you do when it happens?  If your child is suffering from an allergy, these are some of the things you need to know. What Is An Allergy? Simply put, an allergy is the body’s inappropriate response to a normally harmless substance. The immune system identifies substances such as pollens,

  • digestive diagram

    Your Child’s Digestive Health

    You go to great lengths to make sure your child is well-nourished, but have you thought about what happens to the food once it’s inside the body? There is an incredible journey that takes place, whereby the food your child eats is turned into fuel. This process takes place in the digestive tract, which is made up of different parts of the body. Each part has its own function and

  • washing hands

    8 Habits For Healthy Kids

    Establishing healthy habits for kids early stands them in good stead for life. Follow these ten simple tips on healthy living for kids.

  • family cycling

    A Healthy Diet For Kids

    Fruit and vegetables don’t taste good – they could, however, eat pizza and pasta every day.

  • kid with big dreams

    Emotional Development In Early Childhood

    Codependency can prevent your children from growing up as an emotionally healthy beings. Find out more about codependency and how you can help the situation.

  • girl-drinking-milk

    10 Signs of Good Health In Growing Kids

    It is easy to worry about child development, but knowing the signs of positive growth will put your mind at ease that you are raising healthy kids.