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Nutrition and Healthy Eating

  • Healthy meals for kids – snacks

      Learning doesn’t just make you smart. It also takes energy. That’s why it’s so important to have healthy meals for kids, which include nutritious snacks to keep them going.   Give breaktime snacks a boost Any of these power snacks will boost your child’s energy levels and help them concentrate. This mid-morning snack will also ensure that they don’t get too hungry before lunchtime.   Big snack Thinly spread

  • girl drinking milk

    NIDO Milk Vs Cow Milk

    NIDO Milk Milk is a very important part of our diets, even in adulthood. With children, the only difference is that they have smaller stomachs. They still need at least two cups of milk a day, so we need to make sure that the food we give them really counts. Often, the things our little ones eat and drink don’t contain any micronutrients or special ingredients. This is when a

  • sugar

    Sugar: Fact or Fiction Quiz

    Q: All sugars are bad A: FICTION: Not all sugars are created equal and therefore not all sugars are bad. The main role of food is to provide energy and nutrients for growth and development. To fulfil the increased need for energy and specific nutrients during the growing years of your little one, as well as to move progressively towards a more diversified diet, starchy foods like cereals, vegetables and

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    Easy Recipes For Kids – Healthy Meals

    Easy Recipes For Kids – Healthy Meals What is a healthy meal?  How do you know your child is getting the right amount of nutrients everyday?  Let’s look at the recommended mix of nutritious food options you should be including in your child’s diet: 1. 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. 2. A third of a plate of starchy foods at each meal like; potatoes, pasta or rice

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    Nutrition For Kids- What does my child need?

    Three Major Macro-Nutrients For Healthy Kids Eating healthily is important for your child’s growth and development, but how do you create a balanced diet for healthy kids? You can start by understanding the three macro-nutrients your child needs – Nutrition for kids What You Need to Know About Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat Carbohydrates The major source of energy for your child is carbohydrates. These are used by every cell in

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    A-Z of Kids Health And Nutrition

    If you are one of those people who are clueless when it comes to knowing your vitamins and nutritional terms, then our A to Z terminology list will help you to wise up.

  • sick kids

    Boosting your Family’s Immunity

    Kids’ health is less robust if they have weak immune systems. Find out how to boost your immune system and your family’s too through healthy eating.

  • girl drinking water

    The Importance of Water

    Water is essential for life. Healthy child development and good health requires sufficient hydration.