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Child Eating Plans

  • Little-tummies

    Toddler constipation, what to do

    Did you know? 80% of your child’s antibody-producing cells are located in the gut. Good gut health isn’t just about relieving constipation and treating diarrhoea, but it is also about boosting your child’s immune system.Little tummies can face a range of troubles. Here are some tips that can help. Step 1: Learn the signs of constipation in toddlers Stool is harder than usual Less than two bowel movements in a

  • Kids nutrition

    Brain Food For Kids – Tips for improving your child’s learning through diet

    Tips for improving your child’s learning through diet In his early years your child will go through periods of fast learning and development.  It is very important that you support him/her in their learning journey by providing the right nutrition that supports optimal brain function.  Good nutrition is one of the best ways you can improve your child’s attention span so that he can learn throughout the day. By giving

  • birthday party

    Kids Party Food Ideas

    Birthdays are often occasions where healthy kids binge on junk food that makes them ill. Follow these food suggestions for a healthy kids’ party.

  • Milk and chocolate

    Healthy Desserts for kids

    We were all born with a love of sweet treats. Later on, our tastes progress, but gummy bears, sweets and chocolate are the snacks of choice for many children.

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    Healthy Lunch Ideas For Kids

    Many children eat more in snacks during the day than they do at mealtimes, so it is important to make sure that there are some healthy snacks around.

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    Feeding A Picky Eater

    Bulking up meals: Add shredded chicken, minced or deboned fish (can be pilchards) to the actual pap or gravy. This at least ensures that the little bit that the child has, is energy dense and rich in high quality protein.

  • Cheese burger and chips

    Healthy Junk Food For When Hunger Strikes Fast

    So, your child loves fast food? Most kids and teenagers do. Accept that your kids will like these foods – banning them will only increase the appeal of chips and the like.