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  • Probiotics

    Probiotics and Essential Fatty Acids in Pregnancy

    Pregnancy Probiotics Falling pregnant is one of the most memorable moments in any woman’s life. This is often the first time we truly consider our health and especially our diet.  We are wired this way and it is for good reason. Our nutritional status before and during pregnancy largely influences the outcome of the pregnancy. If you are iron deficient when falling pregnant, it may affect the duration of your

  • sugar

    Sugar: Fact or Fiction Quiz

    Q: All sugars are bad A: FICTION: Not all sugars are created equal and therefore not all sugars are bad. The main role of food is to provide energy and nutrients for growth and development. To fulfil the increased need for energy and specific nutrients during the growing years of your little one, as well as to move progressively towards a more diversified diet, starchy foods like cereals, vegetables and

  • Kids nutrition

    Brain Food For Kids – Tips for improving your child’s learning through diet

    Tips for improving your child’s learning through diet In his early years your child will go through periods of fast learning and development.  It is very important that you support him/her in their learning journey by providing the right nutrition that supports optimal brain function.  Good nutrition is one of the best ways you can improve your child’s attention span so that he can learn throughout the day. By giving

  • watermelon sticks

    13 Healthy Snacks For Kids

      It’s so easy to stock up on junk food like crisps and biscuits to satisfy hungry little tummies. But did you know that you can make snack time really healthy too? Sticking to whole foods, limiting sugary treats and steering clear of processed food (when you can) are essential tips when it comes to creating healthy options for your kids. Here are some other ideas for healthy snacks for

  • steps in treating constipation in children

    Constipation Remedies For Toddlers!

    Constipation Remedies for Toddlers -Little tummies can become constipated too, but what are the signs to look for? Here are some of the things you need to know to help you recognize, prevent and treat the pain and discomfort that toddlers and children experience when they’re constipated. Step 1: Learn The Signs Of Constipation In Kids Any combination of these symptoms could mean your child is constipated:  Stool is harder

  • family eating together

    Hiding Vegetables In Foods Kids Love

    It can be quite a chore to try and convince a fussy child to eat their vegetables. So here are five creative ways that you can hide vegetables in foods that kids love.

  • braai

    Preparing your Kids Healthy Meals

    Healthy food is essential for children’s bodies and minds to develop optimally. Read more for tips on healthy eating for kids.

  • Healthy lunchbox

    What Goes into a Healthy Lunchbox?

    A healthy lunch helps keep children happy and alert throughout the afternoon. Read more about our healthy lunchbox ideas.

  • nutritions fruit vegtables

    A-Z of Kids Health And Nutrition

    If you are one of those people who are clueless when it comes to knowing your vitamins and nutritional terms, then our A to Z terminology list will help you to wise up.

  • breakfast fruit bowl

    A Balanced Diet For Kids

    “cake” or “pizza” – are these your children’s favourite foods as well? Lots of children like fast food and sweet things.

  • kids reject food

    Toddler Refuses To Eat

    Children between the ages of two and six often reject foods that they do not recognise. This refusal to try new things probably stems from what our ancestors learnt from birth.