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Parenting Guidance

  • Are powdered drinks for growing children worth the price?

    Yes. There is a general misconception that powdered drinks for growing children are more expensive than fresh milk. However, if you do a daily price comparison, NESTLÉ® NIDO® 3+ works out to offer more value for money and has added supporting nutrients. The recommended retail price of a NESTLÉ® NIDO® 3+ 1.8 kg tin is R255.99 (price as of September 2020). Make sure your growing 3 – 5 year old

  • Ensure your kid’s health

    Signs of good health are dependent on more than quality nutrition alone. Family attitudes towards food, your child’s social environment and the example you set all influence their lifestyle choices. Nurture a healthy future for your child Ensure your child has good friends. Keeping tabs on his or her social life (and bringing any bullying out into the open so that it may be dealt with) helps to foster a

  • Constipation relief for kids

    Did you know? 80% of your child’s antibody-producing cells are located in the gut. Good gut health isn’t just about relieving constipation and treating diarrhoea, but it is also about boosting your child’s immune system.Little tummies can face a range of troubles. Here are some tips that can help. Signs of constipation in kids Any combination of these symptoms could mean your child is constipated: Stool is harder than usual

  • Cost Benefit Of NIDO 3+

    Ever thought that buying another growing up milk is just too expensive? Maybe it is cheaper to just give your child fresh milk and add a few vitamins. After all we all want to give only the best to our children… It might be worth it to do a quick comparison of what it will actually cost you to provide Nido3+ vs fresh milk on a daily basis. Considering the

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    Gut Health Results In A Healthy Child

    Gut Health Means A Healthy Child Did you know that 80% of your child’s antibody-producing cells are located in the gut? That’s right. The gut isn’t just for processing food.  The gut is also home to trillions of microbes that help defend the body against diseases. That’s why your child’s gut health is incredibly important. Why Are Microbes And Bacteria Important? A child that is exposed to the right gut

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    Things You Should Know About Childhood Allergies

    The Top 6 Things You Should Know About Childhood Allergies What is an allergy? How do you identify it? What do you do when it happens?  If your child is suffering from an allergy, these are some of the things you need to know. What Is An Allergy? Simply put, an allergy is the body’s inappropriate response to a normally harmless substance. The immune system identifies substances such as pollens,

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    Healthy Lunch Ideas For Kids

    Many children eat more in snacks during the day than they do at mealtimes, so it is important to make sure that there are some healthy snacks around.

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    Care And Share | Tryptophan Foods For Sleep

    July is mental health month. One of the factors that affect mental health is poor quality sleep. Poor quality sleep badly affects overall physical health, and the functioning of your body systems including the immune system – the ability to fight off infection.

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    Weight Loss For Your Kids

    Weight can be a sensitive issue for some children, especially if they’re overweight. Learn how to talk to your children properly about it.

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    Everyday Treat Easy Crumpet Recipe For Kids To Cook

    Nothing will thrill mom more than a delicious breakfast in bed especially if it’s cooked by her adoring children.

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    The right weight for kids

    Do you also ask yourself – like many parents, incidentally – whether your child’s weight is normal?