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  • Random Acts Of Kindness

    Don’t expect kindness in schools- Teach It! Random Acts of Kindness is a non-profit foundation that believes in spreading kindness throughout schools, communities and homes. They believe in the power of kindness to change the way people see and experience the world. While teaching children the value of kindness begins at home, it is important that it exists in the classroom too. Get your kid’s teacher to download these handy

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    The Arrival of a New Baby

    Children react in different ways to the arrival of a new sibling. You might notice how they regress to earlier behaviours. They may start to suck their thumbs again, wet their pants, ask to suck from your breast or bottle, or use baby talk. Other children may withdraw, refusing to talk or play. Some children may even suggest taking the baby back to the hospital, or giving their new sibling

  • 8 Habits For Healthy Kids

    Establishing healthy habits for kids early stands them in good stead for life. Follow these ten simple tips on healthy living for kids.

  • 5 Healthy Family Activities

    Healthy family activities nurture caring bonds while also ensuring that your kids’ health flourishes. Read more for helpful activity suggestions.

  • Cooking with Kids

    Cooking with kids is a fun activity that provides stimulation and teaches skills essential to child development.

  • Dealing with Bullying

    Understanding bullying and how to help your child overcome it is an essential aspect of parenting. Learn more about bullying and child development.

  • Helping your kids enjoy a healthy diet

    Fruit and vegetables don’t taste good – they could, however, eat pizza and pasta every day.