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  • Sugar: Fact or Fiction Quiz

    Q: All sugars are bad A: FICTION: Not all sugars are created equal and therefore not all sugars are bad. The main role of food is to provide energy and nutrients for growth and development. To fulfil the increased need for energy and specific nutrients during the growing years of your little one, as well as to move progressively towards a more diversified diet, starchy foods like cereals, vegetables and

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    13 Healthy Kids Snack Ideas

    13 Healthy Kids Snack Ideas It’s so easy to stock up on junk food like crisps and biscuits to satisfy hungry little tummies. But did you know that you can make snack time really healthy too? Sticking to whole foods, limiting sugary treats and steering clear of processed food (when you can) are essential tips when it comes to creating healthy options for your kids. Here are some other ideas:

  • Stress Management Tips For Parents

    Being a parent does not have to be a stressful exercise. Here are a few tips for stress management as a parent, which will help you and your kids cope.

  • Creating your Home First Aid Kit

    A home first aid kit is essential for safety. Having home medicine readily available safeguards family health. Learn how to compile your own kit.

  • Boosting your Family Immune System

    Kids’ health is less robust if they have weak immune systems. Find out how to boost your immune system and your family’s too through healthy eating.

  • Active Birthday Parties for Kids

    Active Birthday Parties for Kids Active Birthday Parties for Kids Active Birthday Parties for Kids

  • Eight Ways to Ensure your Kid is Healthy

    Healthy eating for kids is often seen as the foundation for a healthy life. Yet good health requires other important groundwork too. Find out more.

  • Importance of Water

    Water is essential for life. Healthy child development and good health requires sufficient hydration.

  • 5 Ways to Protect your Child from Abuse

    Child abuse is a real contemporary issue, but you can do plenty to protect your children by following this basic guide to keeping them safe.

  • Back To School Routine

    During the long school holidays, it’s easy to let healthy habits maintained throughout the year lapse. Yet after the holidays’ indulgences – be they sugary ice lollies or Christmas candy – it’s important to re-establish a ‘healthy kids routine’ as your kids head back to school.

  • Best start to the day

    A moment that is both exciting and sad at the same time: the first time your child goes to nursery. You want to give your child the best to help him or her on the way to becoming an independent young person.

  • The 10 healthy habits for kids

    It’s easy to get caught up in simply getting a dinner on the table that everyone’s willing to eat – never mind all the worries about nutrition! Issues like: am I feeding them too much?

  • Clinical signs of nutritional deficiency

    Clinical signs of nutritional deficiency