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Clinical Signs Of Malnutrition


Spare & thin Protein, zinc, biotin deficiency
Easy to pull out Protein deficiency
Corkscrew Coiled hair Vit C & Vit A deficiency



Glossitis Riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, B12 , pr.
Bleeding & spongy gums Vit. C,A, K, folic acid & niacin
Angular stomatitis, cheilosis & fissured tongue B 2,6,& niacin
leukoplakia Vit.A,B12, B-complex, folic acid & niacin
Sore mouth & tongue Vit B12,6,c, niacin ,folic acid & iron



Night blindness, exophthalmia Vitamin A deficiency
Photophobia-blurring, conjunctival inflammation Vit B2 & vit A deficiencies



Spooning Iron deficiency
Transverse lines Protein deficiency



Pallor Folic acid, iron, B12
Follicular hyperkeratosis Vitamin B & Vitamin C
Flaking dermatitis PEM, Vit B2, Vitamin A, Zinc & Niacin
Pigmentation, desquamation Niacin & PEM
Bruising, purpura Vit K ,Vit C & folic acid


Thyroid gland

Help detect signs of vitamin D deficiency (Rickets) & vitamin C deficiency (Scurvy)

Thyroid gland

in mountainous areas and far from sea places Goiter is a reliable sign of iodine deficiency.


Joins & bones

Help detect signs of vitamin D deficiency (Rickets) & vitamin C deficiency (Scurvy)