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Easy Recipes | Cooking With Kids

Easy Recipes – Cooking with kids – child development in the kitchen

Though cooking might seem a mundane task to parents who prepare food day in and day out, there are many basic skills involved in cooking that kids can benefit from: from the maths involved in measuring out ingredients to the creativity of making meals and combining flavours. These skills play an important role in child development. If you are looking for kids’ activities to share with your children over school holidays, cooking with kids is a great educational option.

How does cooking aid child development?

There are multiple ways time spent in the kitchen with mom or dad develops important skills:

Basic skill development
Simple tasks such as counting out the number of teaspoons of an ingredient required by a recipe will help children to develop mathematical proficiency. Cooking also gives the opportunity for children to learn new words used in recipes. Cooking together also teaches your child to follow instructions and collaborate.

Cooking with kids encourages more adventurous eating
Another way baking or cooking with your child assists development is by opening their minds to new tastes and flavour combinations. Kids are often extremely fussy eaters, but with the sense of wonder and experimentation that comes with cooking and baking, you might convince your child that variety is fun.

Food preparation stimulates and develops the senses
Children who spend time in the kitchen get to develop many faculties, from listening and learning how to follow simple instructions to smelling and tasting. Older children may also learn to appreciate the hard work that goes into preparing their meals!

Making food grows confidence
Playing a part in successfully baking and decorating a cake or cooking up a meal3 to share and savour provides kids with a sense of achievement, and this may boost confidence. Always praise your kids’ efforts in the kitchen, so that they are encouraged to persevere and to help out often.