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Feeding A Picky Eater

Bulking up meals for a picky eater:
  • Add shredded chicken, minced or deboned fish (can be pilchards) to the actual pap or gravy. This at least ensures that the little bit that the child has, is energy dense and rich in high quality protein.
  • You could also provide mashed potatoes and mashed beans together. Half a cup of this will provide the much need muscle building protein, and the carbs for energy.
  • Pasta is another energy dense food. Try to find ways of making the child enjoy it, even if it means putting it in a blender and mixing it with yoghurt. Trust me; the child knows nothing about disgusting combinations. You can add a teaspoon of olive or canola oil while at it.
  • Consider adding peanut butter or avocado to the child’s soft porridge, and then sweeten with fruit jam.
Bulking up meals for a picky eater

Please encourage this as much as possible, and the best is fruit pieces that the child can hold (bananas, mango slices

In between snacking:
  • Please encourage this as much as possible, and the best is fruit pieces that the child can hold (bananas, mango slices, etc.)
  • As much as pumping them up with sweets and chocolates would achieve the desired weight gain, it will have a negative effect in the long run.

NB: You could also consider a supplement like Nutren Junior. This can also be given in between meals. If your child likes colour, you could do the following:

  • Buy red, blue and green food colouring. Make 3 servings of the supplement, and colour each one differently. You can make that into ice cubes for summer, or even drop a contrasting colour cube into every meal.
  • You can also add the powder to ice cream or yoghurt, to enrich the snack.
Desired essentials for a 2 year old:
  • Weight: Should have quadrupled his/her birth weight. E.g. If the baby was 3kg at birth, should be not less than 12kg’s at 2 years, and only about 13 kg’s at 3 years.
  • Birth height should increase by 50% at the end of one year, then gets really slow. It usually doubles at the end of 3 years.