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Five Lunch Ideas For Kids To Get Them To Enjoy Fruits and Vegetables


kids_making_cookiesYou know that it’s important for your kids to eat healthily, but most children are fussy about food and it can be a struggle to introduce nutritious options into their meals. Here are five lunch ideas for kids to make sure your they learn how to eat more nutritiously.

1. Make sure you eat healthy food too

Your child will watch what you eat and learn from your example. Be aware of your own food habits and be honest with yourself about how much fruits and vegetables you eat. If you are a good food role model, then your children will follow your lead and in time, pick up your healthy eating habits.

2. Routine is the key

A weekly meal plan is a great way to establish a healthy kids eating routine.  You can even involve your child in creating the plan so they are invested in the process. What’s more, by setting up a routine your child will know what to expect and will develop his or her own healthy habits along the way.


3. Prepare foods they enjoy

Show your kids that healthy food can be yummy too. Experiment with different recipes and find creative ways to add fruit and vegetables to meals that they already enjoy. For example, grating carrots and broccoli into spaghetti bolognaise is a clever way to introduce vegetables into a favourite kid’s meal.

4. Have some fun

Prepare super healthy snacks that are fun to eat. You can cut fruit into shapes, give food silly names and even come up with games when you are shopping for fruit and vegetables. By making nutritious food fun, you are introducing your child to a lifetime of happy eating habits.

5. Let them helpvegtibal_family

We all want the best for our children, and this includes ensuring that they are healthy. You can help them make healthy food choices from early on by making an effort to have fun at meal times by making them a part of the preparations. This way you can create your own special recipes with healthy foods.