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Go for good gut health!

Sometimes, we think our little one’s tummy is just for filling but the fact is, your child’s gut does so  much more than just holding their favourite meal. Good gut health has enormous benefits – from reducing the risk of skin issues, like eczema, to supporting the normal functioning of their immune system.

Our gut microbiome is made up of trillions of bacteria that help with digestion and the normal functioning of our immune system.We might often think of bacteria as something to avoid at all costs – but not when it comes to gut health, in fact. We need good bacteria in our guts to digest food, support our immune system, and for numerous other important functions. The best time to build a healthy gut is when a child is young, and their gut microbiome is still flexible. So, now’s the time to pack in the good bacteria. But how?

There are many ways to introduce good bacteria into your child’s diet. Choose high-fibre foods for snack time, opting for bananas or berries. Ditch the sugary snacks, because sugar negatively affects gut health, increases sugar cravings and can hamper their immune system. Choosing oats over sweet cereals for breakfast will also go a long way in supporting your child’s nutritional wellbeing.

Another great way to build up your child’s healthy gut microbiome is to introduce live cultures, also known as probiotics or lactic acid bacteria (LAB). While pickled cabbage is a great option, we’re not sure many kids will choose it for lunch! Rather go for simple, unsweetened yoghurt or amasi that sends good bacteria straight to the gut.

Although there are many great options, sometimes it’s tricky to get your little one to agree to eat healthy snacks. That is why new and improved NESTLÉ® NIDO® 3+ contains Lactobacillus rhamnosus, a live culture that supports your child’s immune system and their gut health so they can get on with their beautiful struggle of self-discovery.