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Indoor Games For Children

Indoor games for children have many benefits, thus it is good to encourage your own children to participate in (and initiate) games with other children. Exercise is important for developing bodies, ensuring smoother development of co-ordination and physical fitness. Group activities are also essential for learning social skills. When the weather is cold or stormy, outdoor games might be ruled out but indoor alternatives still provide child stimulation and entertainment.

kids playing with pillws

Indoor games for large groups

Rainy weather need not dampen the day or limit child stimulation. These games are perfect for large groups:

  • Freeze
    In this game, one child is ‘It’, while the others move around the room in a way decided by ‘It’. When ‘It’ says ‘freeze’, the others have to hold their positions immediately, and the first child who moves becomes ‘It’ the next round. This game is good for indoors as it can take place in one room and doesn’t involve running.
  • Simon says
    In this game, children take turns to be ‘Simon’, giving other children instructions to perform activities such as standing on one leg or making a specific gesture. Any player who fails to perform the action becomes ‘Simon’ for the next round. Additionally, at any point Simon can give an instruction without saying ‘Simon says’ first, and if any player still performs the instruction, this child becomes Simon.
Indoor activities for kids in smaller numbers

If you need activities for smaller numbers of kids, these games are perfect for rainy days:

  • ‘Sock’ bowling
    Lawn bowling, where players take turns to throw wooden balls to see who can get theirs closest to the target, is fun. For a quieter indoor variety, give children pairs of rolled up socks to replace the balls. A row of brightly coloured plastic bottles can be the target. Each round, the children attempt to roll their pair and knock over the targets. Whoever has knocked over the most targets at the end of each round receives a point. After a fixed number of rounds the player with the most points wins.
  • Rainy day olympics
    Who needs pole-vaulting and javelin when you can hold your own Olympics indoors? Activities for kids such as a shuffling race across the floor with legs tied together, egg and spoon races, pillow case or sack races, can be combined into a mini sporting event. .