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NESTLÉ® NIDO 3+® Product

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NESTLÉ® NIDO 3+® Product Information

We’re proud to introduce Nestlé® NIDO 3+ FortiLearn® with StimuLearn™. Thorough research and analysis has allowed us to define the best way to completely enhance your child’s development during the first 5 years of life. This new and improved combination of nutrients will support your child’s cognitive function, while added probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins and minerals will support your child’s healthy growth.

But it’s not only about nutritional growth. We know that there are other important aspects to ensuring a wholesome upbringing, which is why we’ve introduced the StimuLearn™ aspect of NIDO 3+. By encouraging parents to interact with their children in certain ways, we know that they’re offering a holistic approach to growth and development using the simplest of tools, such as love.

NESTLÉ ® NIDO ® 3+ Powered drink for growing children – Preschool 3 – 5 years

A source of immuno-nutrients (Zinc, Vitamin A, C, D & E)

  • Supports normal cognitive and immune function
  • Immuno-nutrients help contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system
  • A source of Calcium; 51% of the daily recommended Calcium intake with 2 servings (500ml) of NESTLÉ ® NIDO ® 3+.

A source of Omega-3 fatty acids with added DHA

  • To support cognitive development for little ones (3-5 years) to achieve their first wins. Available in 1.8kg, 900g and 400g
Available in all major retailers and wholesalers.

Crucial Development During Early Years

  • Did you know: 50% of South African little children (3-5 years) still receive suboptimal nutrition widening the micronutrient gap?12
43% are Vitamin A-deficient which negatively affects their eyesight3
42% are zinc deficient, which may affect their ability to fight infection3
40% are iron deficient which results in extreme fatigue and slows growth and development3
  • Some key contributing factors are lack of balanced diet diverse in all food groups and continuous consumption of starchy food that is cheaper and filling. NESTLÉ ® NIDO ® 3+ looks to combat the micronutrient problem through tailored nutrition for South African pre-schoolers (3 -5 years).
  • The NEW and IMPROVED recipe is a source of key nutrients that may be lacking in South African pre-schoolers diets. Supporting their self-discovery.

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3. 2016 South African Demographic and Health Survey. 2019.

Important notice:

NESTLЀ ®NIDO ® 3+ is not a breastmilk substitute and is formulated to meet the changing nutrition needs of healthy children older than 3 years