Two boys playing in a playground watched by a lady
Parenting Guidance


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Signs of good health are dependent on more than quality nutrition alone. Family attitudes towards food, your child’s social environment and the example you set all influence their lifestyle choices.

Nurture a healthy future for your child


Ensure your child has good friends. Keeping tabs on his or her social life (and bringing any bullying out into the open so that it may be dealt with) helps to foster a healthy sense of self-esteem.

Keep hydrated and get enough sleep. Water and sleep are crucial for your child to maintain good emotional and physical health.

Never use food as a reward or punishment. Words of encouragement are healthier and do not create associations between unhealthy food and happiness.

Talk to your child about the importance of nutrition. Knowing why healthy eating and nutrition are important helps to provide motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Two boys playing by the sea.


Play it forward. Active kids have a healthier lifestyle and outdoor play is essential for bonding

Set a good example. Be positive and reflect the signs of good health and body weight yourself so your kids witness the benefits first-hand.