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StimuLearn Pearl Beach

Catch the pearl in the magic maze. This game develops your child’s psychomotor skills in a new and fun way. But be careful you don’t get caught by the crab!


STIMULEARN Island is an interactive learning platform designed for you and your child by Nestlé NIDO and Nestlé Research Center. Through fun and educational games, your child is stimulated in 5 areas of child development: language, problem solving, memory, attention and psychomotor skills.
As you play the games together, you can see the progress and development of your child through The STIMULEARN Mother App. All the data from the games are captured and translated into an easy and useful knowledge base about your child’s progress and experience.

Stimulearn Pearl Beach
Developed by experts

Nestlé NIDO STIMULEARN is a parenting program scientifically developed by the experts of the Nestlé Research Center.
The program is designed to help parents stimulate their children. The program consists of online and offline activities that parents can use with their child and follow their progress – also get further advice from experts along the way.

Nestlé NIDO

Nestlé NIDO is a Milk Brand from Nestlé – the leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company. This platform reflects the global corporate signature of Nestlé: “Good Food, Good Life”, which is the foundation of our mission to give consumers the best tasting, most nutritious choices in a wide range of food and beverage categories.

Nestlé NIDO’s vision is “to become Mom’s best ally for nurturing her child throughout the growing years for a healthy and happy future