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Fun Swimming Pool Games

Make learning to swim fun with pool exercise for kids

Some kids love to be in water while others have to be coaxed in, even once they have become proficient swimmers. Fun Swimming pool games provide exercise for kids while making pools appealing even to reluctant swimmers. Read on for swimming pool game ideas that are great for nurturing active, healthy kids.

Please note that none of these games should be attempted without adequate adult supervision.

Teach your kids these swimming pool games
Teach your kids these swimming pool games

Here are a few games that can be enjoyed by two or more players in a swimming pool:

  • Safe entries In this game, players form a row outside the pool, along the deep end. In turn, each player must enter the pool safely (such as by lowering legs first while holding onto the wall). Each player must perform a different entry, and once all have been performed, players switch entries until each has performed every kind. A quiz on pool safety may be added – for example, after each swimmer completes an entry they must tell the supervisor a safety tip or they are out until the end of the game.
  • Simon Says A variation on regular Simon Says, in this version an adult supervisor or swimming instructor calls out actions to swimming players prefixed by ‘Simon says’ (as in ‘Simon says tread water’). The players must perform the action or they are out. At any time, the instructor can give an instruction that is not preceded by ‘Simon says’, and if any player acts on the instruction the player is also out and must leave the pool. The last player in the pool wins.
  • Boogie board tug-of-warThis game helps healthy kids develop strong and steady leg muscles, and can be played by two or more kids. A boogie board is placed on a lane line between the players, and when they are told they can go, players kick as fast as they can while holding onto the board, to propel the board onto the opposing players’ side.
A word on safety

In swimming pool games, there should always be at least one adult supervising, with more supervisors for children aged twelve and below. Children’s swimming abilities should be known so that you know whether a game is safe to play. If children endanger themselves or others, end play immediately, and discourage children from running in the pool area.