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teamLab Future Park

TeamLab FuturePark

Play in a digital universe that evolves in front of your eyes

Give your child the opportunity to open up their imagination with NIDO3+ and Future Park from the 23rd of September 2017 to the 31st of January 2018 at the V&A Waterfront.We’re giving 30 lucky NIDO 3+ moms in Cape Town the opportunity to win tickets to this fantastic event, just keep your eyes peeled for more information Coming Soon! T&Cs Apply.

More information on Future Park, including dates and ticket prices can be found here:

Connecting Train Block

NIDO3+ recognises the importance of encouraging pattern recognition and logical thinking in your child’s early years and so we have joined forces with Future Park to bring you the connecting train block game which encourages pattern recognition in children.
In Connecting! Train Block, cars and trains run along roads and railroad tracks that are connected by wooden blocks. As children place different blocks on the table, more cars and trains appear, forming a townscape. Children play by placing the blocks in different positions to create a town collaboratively with other children.

Skills Nurtured:
– Pattern Recognition
– Spatial Awareness
– Logical Thinking
– Creativity, Power of Expression

How to Interact with the Artwork:
1. Choose a wooden block.
2. Place the wooden block on the table to create a connection.
3. Observe the creation of a town with trains and cars running between the blocks.

Futer_park Poster

This futuristic, never-seen-before exhibition gives you the chance to craft your own experience. Draw an ocean creature and see it projected onto a wall and interacting with other people’s creatures in the ‘tank’. Sketch your designs and have it printed onto a foldable plan for a paper model that bring the sketch to life, play with symphony balls that change colour and sound as you move them around, or create a tiny town with blocks and railroad tracks.

Future Park is a unique opportunity to place your brand in a space where the tech-driven generation can interact with media. At Future Park, digital makes all things possible, and what you dream can become your reality.