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That little something extra: How to complement your child’s diet

Preschoolers, whether fussy eaters or not, generally get their macronutrients through their daily meals, but the finer micronutrients can get lost along the way when they avoid the fresh, healthy stuff we all wish they would eat. Many children go through phases of loving certain foods, then avoiding them with vehemence the very next day. Every mom has been there! This is why micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, tend to drop off their plates right before our eyes.
However, there’s likely no need to choose a meal replacement for your picky eater. Meal replacements, while sometimes prescribed by healthcare professionals for specific medical reasons, are generally not necessary

for the average preschooler, who is simply going through their I-hate- green-things phase. If we replace their meals, we remove their adventure of trying new foods, textures and tastes. Their beautiful struggle of self- discovery around healthy eating habits and a good relationship with food are crucial, even if it is difficult to guide them through it.

But no need to worry, mom. NESTLÉ® NIDO® 3+ has that little something extra for your child’s nutritional needs – whatever their fussy-phase level. Our new and improved formula has been tailored to achieve the important task of complementing your child’s diet with essential immuno-nutrients, such as zinc, vitamins A, C, D and E. NESTLÉ® NIDO® 3+ is a source

of omega-3 fatty acids with added DHA and contains Lactobacillus rhamnosus for the normal development of your child’s brain, bones and gut

Just 2 glasses of NESTLÉ® NIDO® 3+ added to your child’s daily intake will

enhance their diet and fill the gaps their pickiness leaves. NESTLÉ® NIDO® 3+ is a source of nutrients that are known to support the normal functioning of the immune system.

So, let them explore new foods, meals and vegetables. They’ll love the adventure as you taste and try things together. Just be sure to complement their daily nutrition – with NESTLÉ® NIDO® 3+.


Use NESTLÉ® NIDO® 3+ to add to their cereal.

Blend NESTLÉ® NIDO® 3+ into smoothies. (It tastes terrific with fresh fruit.)

A classic cup of warm or chilled drink is always a win with NESTLÉ® NIDO® 3+.