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Mother’s Day activities for you and your kids

Sometimes our Mother’s Day plans aren’t very kid friendly. Here are some Mothers Day Activities for you and your kids.

It is Mother’s Day that’s coming up, but sometimes we can get so carried away in spoiling mum that we forget to include the little ones in our planning. So we’ve come up with Mother’s Day activities for you and your kids that the whole family will love!

picninc1. A Picnic In The Park

With the summer rains now past and the mild, yet warm and sunny blue skies of autumn upon us, it’s the perfect time to picnic! And it doesn’t have to be a peanut butter sandwich kind of deal, either. You can create a luxurious picnic filled with all of mom’s favourite things, as well as snacks and outdoor games for the little ones to enjoy!

Look up your local Botanical Gardens or a beautiful park or beach nearby and stake your claim on a nice spot that has some trees for shade and plenty of space for little ones to roam within view. Don’t forget to pack some of mom’s favourite wine or bubbly, cold meats and ready-made salads, cheese and biscuits, fruit, crudités, crisps, cool drinks and some sweet treats too!

2. A Restaurant Experience Prepared At Home

Create a fabulous restaurant atmosphere at home and give mom the five star experience, with a touch of sentimental value. You can have a lot of fun with it too by creating your own menus, setting the table with beautiful finishes and flowers, adorning the kids with waiter’s outfits and even getting them to help with making the food.

Make it a restaurant experience that mom will never forget with all her favourite touches that only you know how to achieve.


3. Mother’s Day Games Day

As we mentioned before, this balmy autumn weather is perfect for being outdoors – not too hot and not too cold, either! Plan a range of fun outdoor games for mom and the family to enjoy while making a braai or delicious lunch to go with it. There are so many games to choose from: Twister, rounders, croquet, lawn bowls, outdoor ten pin bowling, super-sized Jenga using cut pieces of wood from the hardware. The options are endless.

Enjoy a kid-friendly Mother’s Day celebration that the family will never forget!