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Mothers Day Ideas For Kids

We’re in full support of crafts for kids, so we’ve put together Some Mothers Day Ideas For Kids

This is for all the dads, brothers and sisters out there. This Mother’s Day, why not get the little people in your life to make something creative for mom. We have no doubt that she will appreciate the sentiment far more than a box of chocolates and the gift will keep on giving long after flowers have died.

We’ve scoured the web to find three really cute crafts for kids that can be converted into treasured Mother’s Day gifts.

1. Thumbprint Heart Family Tree

mothers dayThis one is for everyone in the family to get involved in.

You will need red paint, a frame, a piece of cardboard and a fineliner. It would work nicely on an A4 piece of cardboard as you can find a beautiful array of A4 frames from Mr Price Home, Woolworths or @Home. Get the most artistic member of the family (not mom, of course!) to draw the outline of a beautiful tree without leaves. Using red paint, paint the end of the thumb and practice creating a heart shaped leaf by pressing your thumb down twice on a scrap piece of paper. Once everyone is happy, start putting your leaves on the tree. Make sure you have baby wipes close by to clean off paint-covered thumbs before the prints end up all over the house! When the leaves are dry, you can write everyone’s names underneath with a fineliner.

Lastly, on Mother’s Day, you will need to add mom’s thumbprint so that she can also have her place on the family tree.

For more information and inspiration, have a look at this link:

2. Heart Shaped Handprint Painting

handprint painting

Another beautiful idea that involves handprints, paint and framing… this heart shaped handprint painting will be a treasured keepsake for mom when she looks back years from now and sees how small her little children’s hands were! Definitely a winner that will tug on the heartstrings!

You’ll need a piece of cardboard that will match the size of the frame you intend to use. Also remember that is needs to fit the handprints on it too!

Measure out the space you’ll need to fit within the border of the frame and write the words “Love You!