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Traveling With Kids

Traveling With Kids is always  journey  and an  adventure, especially for children. They look forward to discovering and learning about new things. If the journey to your holiday destination takes a little longer, children can become impatient travel companions. We have some tips for how the whole family can enjoy driving to the holiday – delicious provisions, funny games and a helpful checklist.


Set off after a light meal

Don’t start your journey on an empty stomach. Have light snacks both before and during the journey and make sure you drink enough – this will keep you and your kids fit on your holiday travels. It’s best to take low-calorie drinks along with you, e.g. Nestlé supplements, tea, or fruit juice squash mixed to a ratio of 1/3 juice to 2/3 water. The following are also good to take:
Fresh fruit and sliced vegetables, or dried fruit and nuts

  • Fresh fruit and sliced vegetables, or dried fruit and nuts
  • Wholegrain sandwiches or rolls filled with cheese or egg
  • Crackers or crispbreads with herb cream cheese and sliced cucumber
  • Fruit bars, e.g. muesli bars and small chocolate bars to satisfy sweet cravings
  • Whey, buttermilk, pouring yoghurt or kefir – which you can also find in the refrigerated section at service stations while on the road.

We have, in addition, put together some snacks for you that are quick to prepare and that you can easily keep in a cool-bag:

  • Mozzarella and melon skewers
  • Quark patties

Passing the time with games


Passing the time with games

Don’t forget favourite cuddly toys, picture books or colouring books. These provide a source of comfort to help keep boredom at bay. Another great thing to take on journeys is an MP3 player. School-age children can enjoy guessing games based around cars and licence plates. For example, ask your children: where do the people in the blue car next to us come from? They now have to work this out from the number plate.

Or let your children count cars of a specific colour.
Singing songs, word games, telling stories, making up tales and the well-known games “I spy” or “I packed my suitcase” are all good ways of passing the time. In toy shops you’ll also find games that have been specifically designed for longer car, train or plane journeys. Plan breaks at regular intervals so that the whole family can stretch their legs.

Taking a baby or small child on a trip away

Taking a baby or small child on a trip away. We have put together a checklist for you to help you not to forget anything when going away with very little ones, and so you have everything to hand as quickly as possible:

Taking a baby or small child on a trip away
  • Convenience food, baby food, tea, biscuits
  • Bottles, bottle brush, baby food warmer
  • Security blanket / favourite toy
  • Wipes, nappies, nursing equipment
  • Cups (non-breakable), plastic plates, spoons, bibs
  • Thermos of boiled water for porridge
  • Changing mat, baby sleeping bag, blanket
  • Lots of changes of clothes
  • Baby’s playmat, toys, picture books
  • Pillows, buggy, baby sling
  • Rubbish bags
  • Protective sun screen for the car
  • Sun hat, sun cream

We hope you have a lovely trip